Multilingual Glossary of Controlled Vocabulary Terminology

This Multilingual Glossary of Controlled Vocabulary Terminology includes English, French, Russian, and German terms related to indices, thesauri, taxonomies, and other kinds of controlled vocabularies.

I have compiled the Glossary on the basis of the Standard ГОСТ 7.74-96 “Информационно-поисковые языки. Термины и определения” accepted in Russia and a few former USSR countries. Even though the corresponding ISO standard (5127-6:83) was revised and replaced by ISO 5127:2001, the Glossary could still be of help to librarians, translators, taxonomy specialists, etc. I personally found it to be extremely useful when working on the English-Russian translation of thesaurus software documentation.

The Glossary is available in PDF and in DOC formats to allow you to rearrange and sort the columns depending on your language preferences. Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the Glossary or its sources.


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